Five Things

Even though my to-do lists seem to be infinite and I never feel like I get enough done, these weeks are still just getting better and better. The beauty of being busy is that I always have something new to look forward to, and I’ve done my best to make the most of the time we have left in Athens. There isn’t much that can beat this past week, though. After endless hours of work Andy finally graduated with his Ph.D, and we spent the whole day with family, faculty, and friends. I don’t think I’ve laughed and smiled that much in a while.

So here are five of the things that made me happy this past week.

{Andy’s graduation! The whole day was amazing!}

{Getting to spend the weekend with Andy’s family. We also had dinner with his brother and sister-in-law on Saturday.}

{These cute sponges I bought to use for nail polish gradients. Only $2 at Walmart.}

{This adorable owl we found by the side of our trail while on a hike. We just stared at it for a good 10 minutes.}

{I have way too many pictures from Waffle House Friday night, and they all completely crack me up.}

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7 thoughts on “Five Things

    • It was huge! It has finally sunk in for him, but I think I was the most excited during his graduation 😛

      I did a gradient with the two colors in the picture, and finished it off with a glitter top coat – one of the ones I got from you! It turned out great, I’ve just forgotten to post it to my blog. I’m behind on a lot of posts actually 😛

      I hope You’re doing well too! I’m definitely doing good, though I wish I had more time for the blog :)

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