Vacation Is Over!

It was so weird to get back to the US on Monday night. First of all I was absolutely exhausted from traveling – I hate it when I end up in the middle seat on a 7 hour flight and can’t sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time. One time I woke up with the man in the window seat leaning over me, which scared me half to death. He was apparently trying to get by me without waking me up. Anyway. What was weird is that my entire vacation had been so packed full of events that I hadn’t had a single second to sit down and think about it. At the end of the three weeks I was actually pretty tired. But a good kind of tired where you know you have spent all the time you possibly can with the people you love, and you’re left with lots of happy memories that will stay with you for years. That is exactly the way I wanted this trip to go. The last month before I left had been pretty hectic, and I noticed that every time I sat down to relax ten different things would go through my mind (“remember this”, “do that”, and so on). But during the few moments I had time to lay down in the sun in Norway and just enjoy life, my mind was blank. Blank and happy. And it was amazing.


It was pretty great to get back too, though. Especially when Andy’s smiling face met me at the airport! After we got home I only managed to stay awake for about three hours of delicious fast food (which was all I wanted after eating airplane food all day), random conversations, and a few shows on Netflix. Then I completely passed out.

The next four days have been incredibly productive. I was out of vacation mode the second I woke up on Tuesday morning (at 7:40), and ready to get started. Since then we have bought every last thing we need for our road trip this summer, we have gotten quotes from u-haul for moving, we have gotten tons of boxes from various liquor stores, I’ve helped Andy move out of his office at school (I have never seen so much paper in my life), we have stopped by Goodwill with things to give away (although I already have four new bags of clothes we don’t need), we have made a total mess of our apartment while packing, we have narrowed down where to live next semester, and we have even squeezed in a couple of long walks in the scorching hot sun.

Phew! And we have barely even gotten started.

I am also proud to say that we’ve still made time to eat well and enjoy our dinners together. I dragged Andy out of bed at 8 am on Tuesday to go grocery shopping, and we’ve filled up the fridge with healthy food and snacks. So far we’ve made jambalaya, baked cod, and a big batch of homemade salsa to snack on instead of candy (that and baby carrots). And we always make enough for lunch the next day so that we don’t have to spend any more time cooking. Tomorrow I think I’ll make salmon and a vegetable salad.

Tonight we’re having tacos! You know, since it’s Friday. Have a great weekend!

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