Taking A Break – Friday’s Outfit

After many hours of packing this week we decided it was time for a night out. Some drinks, a cute dress, and good company was exactly what I needed – although it seriously decreased our productivity on Saturday morning. We traded boxes and tape for Netflix and hot soup. Luckily we still have over a week before we need to be out of our apartment, and I think we pretty much have everything under control. (Although I’m amazed at how many bags of trash we’ve filled so far. Where does all this stuff come from??)


I’m in the middle of packing down almost all of my clothes, and decided that I needed to wear this dress one more time before it gets shoved into a box for a few months. I know we won’t be dressing up a lot this summer, but I’m still fighting with myself over clothes I want to bring even though I know I shouldn’t. Especially when I consider how great white would look against my future tan skin 😛



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