Moving From Athens, GA

Last week (not this past one) was absolutely exhausting. We spent almost every waking moment packing; or thinking and talking about packing. So we were tired both mentally and physically, trying to get everything in order. The few hours we took off we spent with friends who we won’t see again for a long time.

We had finally decided on u-boxes instead of a moving truck – so that we didn’t have to drive it to Minnesota – and we had to pick up our pods last Friday morning. Since we had been packing a bit every single day for two weeks, we figured we would be more than prepared, but that’s not how it went. Everything started going wrong from the day before. We quickly realized that we wouldn’t get everything packed in time for the next morning, so we did as much as we could and only slept for three hours before picking up the boxes at 7 am. At noon we were finally ready to start loading our first u-box, after a thirty minute nap, and it took us over five hours to fill it up by ourselves. Then we had to take it back to u-haul’s store to pick up our second box. We also realized that we hadn’t eaten anything but a breakfast bar and quarter of a watermelon all day, so it was definitely time to order some pizza.

Two of our friends saved the day by helping us out with the second box and the heaviest furniture. But even with their help we weren’t finished until past 11 at night. At which point we had accepted that we had miscalculated and there was no possible way that all of our stuff would fit. The guest room bed and a living room chair had to go. And we still had a few boxes and random things that we had to take back to u-haul to pack in our first box the next morning (at 7 am, yet again). We weren’t done packing those things until 3 am. So, as you can imagine it was all just a giant hassle.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself Friday night:

The weirdest thing about it all was that after two nights of only getting three hours of sleep, 20 hours of almost non-stop packing, and spending two more hours at u-haul on Saturday morning, we were still not very sleepy. I was so thrilled to be done that I was suddenly wide awake. We celebrated with breakfast at Burger king before we went home and decided to sleep for another four hours after all.

After a week like that we were more than ready to spend the next 6 days at the beach in North Carolina with Andy’s family! Our internet here has been horrible, but we are leaving today, so I will try to post a couple more pictures tomorrow. It’s been perfect!

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6 thoughts on “Moving From Athens, GA

    • Vi gleder oss utrolig mye! Det er alltig spennende med forandringer, spesielt når man går imot “bigger and better things” 😛 Håper du har en fin sommer :)

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