The End of a Long Road Trip

We’re in our new apartment in Moorhead, Minnesota! We actually got the keys this past Tuesday.

However, since our trip went so incredibly well I probably should have expected this streak of bad luck we’ve been having. I’m not even kidding, we had better luck than anyone should be allowed to have. We would drive into a parking lot in a national park, and of course it is overflowing with lines running out into the road since it’s July and the worst possible time to visit. But right as we drove in someone would leave and give us their spot. This happened so many times. And Yellowstone was especially full when we got there. It was the weekend and we were sure we wouldn’t find a spot in any of the campgrounds. But there were last minute cancellations and we made reservations in two different places. And the one night we didn’t have anywhere to stay we drove for about 15 minutes, to the outside of the park, and camped for free in the national forest. It doesn’t get much better than free.

Anyway. My point is that everything went so well that it almost wasn’t a surprise when everything started going wrong on our last day of driving, when we were almost home. We woke up to pouring rain and got a late start with a very wet tent stuffed into the back of our car. You’d think that would have happened a few times on our five week trip, but this was actually a first. It then continued raining all day. The rain wasn’t even the worst; for some reason I was just in a horrible mood. Our only luck of the day was finding a free park to camp in for the night about thirty minutes outside of Moorhead – in the wrong direction, of course.

It actually rained a bit while we were in Yellowstone too, but it was such an amazing day that it did nothing at all to dampen our mood.
rain and bison in Yellowstone

The next day we found out that we had to wait another day to move in, right when my back finally started acting up from being stuck in a car for so long. And then u-haul told us that our things were actually not being stored in their warehouse here, as they had told us, but that there were still back in Athens. So we actually won’t get our furniture until this Monday, and the cable company can’t install our internet until the 21st (which is why I’m currently writing this at Starbucks). And on top of having to camp out in an empty apartment for a week, it was also not exactly move-in ready. There were a bunch of different things that needed to get fixed, but most of them were simple things that have been taken care of by now (after a bit of gentle nagging).

Phew! Sorry about all the complaining, but I just had to vent for a little bit. Because, despite of it all I’m actually pretty excited to be here. Things could definitely have gone much better, but there were some bright spots in the last few days too. Andy got a great office at the school he’ll be teaching at, and the secretary took us back to her place and let us borrow an inflatable mattress – she even gave us vegetables from her own garden! And one of Andy’s coworkers invited us to a really nice dinner at her place a couple of days ago.

So, we are currently spending our days checking off items of our seemlessly endless to-do list, while taking time off to relax and getting to know our new city. It’s a cute little place with everything we need close by, and I am already starting to look forward to our very first white winter!
Us at the grand prismatic springs in Yellowstone.

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3 thoughts on “The End of a Long Road Trip

    • Hehe, it’s not a rock, it’s water 😀 You should google “grand prismatic springs”, it’s gorgeous!

      Ja, Andy var ikke like heldig 😛

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